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Mold Filling Analysis

Eliminate expensive and time consuming tooling changes before the tool is built

Mold filling analysis utilizing Moldflow MPI (Moldflow Plastics Insight) and MPA (MoldflowPlastic Advisors) Software. We will be a member of your team as expert consultants. Our goal is to offer our clients the most cost effective, best practice solutions, and deliver them on schedule.

Detroit Design Engineering has over ten years experience in evaluating injection mold tool design and recommendations for manufacturing high-quality plastic parts. Our expertise in the Global Automotive Industry is well documented, and has helped us to expand our expertise to a wide range of polymer part applications.

MPI/Flow Analysis Tools:

  • MPI/Fusion
  • MPI/Flow
  • MPI/Cool
  • MPI/Warp

Injection Molding is a common method for creating the plastic parts that may be found in or around everything from your car door panel to the mouse you used to navigate to this site. Although a very common form for creating components, not all parts are made at an acceptable quality the first time. In order to help you get the parts you need with surfaces that are acceptable to both the buyers and the public, Detroit Design can help. A Mold filling analysis, using state of the art Moldflow software, can virtually run the injection molding process before you ever cut a piece of tool steal.

A Moldflow / (Mold Filling) analysis will help you build better plastic parts with a lower set up time and cost. The Moldflow analysis provided by Detroit Design Engineering located in Troy Michigan will help you to find the correct tool layout and runner designs you will need. This analysis is designed to give you a complete report that will eliminate the expensive process of trial and error and will help you to get good plastic injection molded parts the first time your tool is opened.

Another benefit of the Moldflow / (Mold Filling) analysis provided by Detroit Design Engineering is optimal weld line placement. Detroit Design can run the injection molding process multiple times with various settings and gate locations to push weld lines to an acceptable location much quicker and cheaper than making physical changes in your tool.

A mold flow / (mold filling) analysis can help predict short shots. Short shots are a legitimate concern for those involved in creating plastic parts. If you have a component with variable wall thickness, it is important to run an analysis to make sure these areas will fill out and you will not have a short shot in the plastic part. Detroit Design Engineers can analyze your part utilizing Moldflow software and recommend the necessary changes in order to properly fill and pack your plastic part.

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