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Mold Filling Analysis

Eliminate expensive and time consuming tooling changes before the tool is built

Mold filling analysis utilizing Moldflow MPI (Moldflow Plastics Insight) and MPA (MoldflowPlastic Advisors) Software. We will be a member of your team as expert consultants. Our goal is to offer our clients the most cost effective, best practice solutions, and deliver them on schedule.

Detroit Design Engineering has over ten years experience in evaluating injection mold tool design and recommendations for manufacturing high-quality plastic parts. Our expertise in the Global Automotive Industry is well documented, and has helped us to expand our expertise to a wide range of polymer part applications.

MPI/Flow Analysis Tools:

  • MPI/Fusion
  • MPI/Flow
  • MPI/Cool
  • MPI/Warp

Injection Molding is a common method for creating the plastic parts that may be found in or around everything from your car door panel to the mouse you used to navigate to this site. Although a very common form for creating components, not all parts are made at an acceptable quality the first time. In order to help you get the parts you need with surfaces that are acceptable to both the buyers and the public, Detroit Design can help. A Mold filling analysis, using state of the art Moldflow software, can virtually run the injection molding process before you ever cut a piece of tool steal.

A Moldflow / (Mold Filling) analysis will help you build better plastic parts with a lower set up time and cost. The Moldflow analysis provided by Detroit Design Engineering located in Troy Michigan will help you to find the correct tool layout and runner designs you will need. This analysis is designed to give you a complete report that will eliminate the expensive process of trial and error and will help you to get good plastic injection molded parts the first time your tool is opened.

Another benefit of the Moldflow / (Mold Filling) analysis provided by Detroit Design Engineering is optimal weld line placement. Detroit Design can run the injection molding process multiple times with various settings and gate locations to push weld lines to an acceptable location much quicker and cheaper than making physical changes in your tool.

A mold flow / (mold filling) analysis can help predict short shots. Short shots are a legitimate concern for those involved in creating plastic parts. If you have a component with variable wall thickness, it is important to run an analysis to make sure these areas will fill out and you will not have a short shot in the plastic part. Detroit Design Engineers can analyze your part utilizing Moldflow software and recommend the necessary changes in order to properly fill and pack your plastic part.

FEA Finite Element Analysis

The key to a good analysis is a knowledge of the limitations of the method, and an
understanding of the physical phenomena under investigation

F. E .A. Finite Element Analysis. We will be a member of your team as expert consultants. Our goal is to offer our clients the most cost effective, best practice solutions, and deliver them on schedule.

Detroit Design Engineering can offer expert recommendations, council concerning material savings, value analysis, component analysis, and redesign for all parts.

FEA Finite Element Analysis Tools:

  • NE Nastran
  • Structural
  • Stress
  • Force Deflection
  • Static and Non Linear Analysis
  • Modal Analysis (Natural Frequencies)

Structural analysis provided through a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) helps the customer to design a part that meets the demanding strength and stress requirements in today’s market place. Finite element analysis (FEA) can prevent the product from being over or under engineered, an over engineered product wastes material, while an under engineered product can lead to failures which will waste time, and money through expensive tooling changes. Detroit Design Engineers will conduct a finite element analysis (FEA) on your component, and make recommendations to improve the parts being tested. Even if you are confident in your design, the finite element analysis (FEA) can help prove the functionality of your component to your customer.

Product Design Engineering

Product Design Engineering involves an understanding of the form and function of a part, and knowing how to complete the project from the design engineering stage of component development to production manufacturing.

Detroit Design Engineering offers complete product design services. We will be a member of your team as expert consultants. Our goal is to offer our clients the most cost effective, best practice solutions, and deliver them on schedule.

Detroit Design Engineering has full class “A” surfacing, and solid modeling capabilities for all Design Engineering Programs, as well as Tool, Die, and Fixture design capabilities.

Design/Engineering resources:

  • Unigraphics

Integrating design with our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services offers the ability to produce products that are structurally sound, as well as aesthetically pleasing. In addition Detroit Design Engineering can integrate the design with our mold filling analysis (Moldflow) services to create a part that is ready to be successfully tooled and produced.  Utilizing Unigraphics and Catia, we can produce products that will meet or exceed the demanding requirements of today’s market.

After defining a problem, looking over set criteria, and analyzing solutions to the problem, Detroit Design Engineering can help its customers to create optimized parts that are ready to sell.  We will quickly use the information and ideas of the customer to get the product design process underway, and get a model promptly created. Detroit Design Engineering has over 20 years of experience developing everything from automotive components to consumer products. We will use our experience to input and suggest modifications to the product design. Detroit Design Engineers may also help the customer select the optimum material for the product being designed. Once the design process is complete the customer can receive both a cad model of the part and a physical part utilizing our rapid prototyping services.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping is an essential component in completing a prototype design project

Completion of preliminary files into solids for creation of rapid prototypes. We will be a member of your team as expert consultants. Our goal is to offer our clients the most cost effective, best practice solutions, and deliver them on schedule.

Detroit Design Engineering has the ability to complete preliminary files into solids for the creation of rapid prototypes.

Rapid Prototype Services:

  • Stereo lithography
  • Fast turn around time
  • Plastic part manufacturing, i.e. Vacuum & Injection Molding
  • Aluminum prototype tooling
  • Silicone tooling

Detroit Design Engineering offers precision rapid prototyping services. These rapid prototyped parts are offered at an affordable and competitive rate. We put the parts you need in your hands for physical examination before they are ever put into production. These rapid prototyped parts can help the customer examine the part in real proportion and examine surfaces at every angle. The rapid prototyped parts created through Detroit Design Engineering will help customers prepare for design review meetings, and allow for successes or flaws to be discussed and detected before the design process is taken any further. After putting a physical part in your hands and seeing it in actual size, numerous things stand out that were not obvious when viewed on the computer screen.  “I didn’t see that before, it’s a good thing we caught that now”.  This is heard nearly every time we put a rapid prototyped part in the hands of our customer. Rapid prototyped parts pay for themselves in the time and money saved by preventing a single tool change.

Detroit Design Engineering Human Resources

Contract Placement Services

Detroit Design Engineering Contract Engineering personnel consist of an elite corps of professionals:

  • Automotive / Project Managers
  • Automotive Engineers
  • Design /Engineers, Catia, Unigraghics, SDRC/Ideas

Corporation Training and Education:

Detroit Design Engineering offers the industry the most effective personalized CAD training in the
industry. Our instructors are experienced Design/Engineers that will design a curriculum for your
requirements and schedule, at your facility.

CAD Systems:

  • Unigraphics

Detroit Design Engineering offers the most effective technical personnel training available at your location.

Specialized Training Programs:

  • Quality Compliance
  • APQP
  • Root Cause Analysis
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